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Skyshield was incorporated into the Sunfixings Group in June 2016, as a necessity to protect solar installers from falling through fragile skylights, whilst installing Sunfixings’ mounting systems. The result was a product, which is a registered design and achieved a Class B certification in ACR [M] 001:2014 test for non-fragility of large roofing assemblies.

Through our extensive research, we found that, the number of incidents where people have fallen through fragile skylights every year could have been prevented by installing our Skyshield product.

Skyshield is a fully galvanised steel structure, which attaches over the skylight with minimal light loss to the work space underneath.

In accordance to the galvanisation Standard BS EN ISO 1461, we adopt the hot-dipped process when manufacturing the Skyshield system, ensuring that all the welding, cutting and drilling happens beforehand, so that a complete galvanising coat is applied. What’s more is that we specify the thickness of the zinc coat to be a minimum of 400g/m (56 microns) where the industry average tends to be 200g/m. This ensures that the steel used in our protection system has a lifetime expectancy of 50 years or more.

It is quick to install with its modular design, as it can accommodate any length of skylight and can even be made to custom widths, if required.

Skyshield’s very nature, not only prevents people from falling through the skylight, but also provides additional security to the roof, further preventing thefts taking place via the skylight.